All types of Conveyancing. We can accept your instructions by fax or email – you need not attend our office. We prepare section 32 statements and contracts of sale promptly and will conclude the sale or purchase of your property through from start to settlement. Our conveyancing services include

– Contracts of sale
– Auction contracts
– Transfers between parties
– Caveats
– Registration of mortgages
– All Property Matters

Wills & Powers of Attorney

It is important that you make a Will so that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes. If you die without a Will, your estate may be distributed according to the rules of intestacy, which may not reflect your intentions, even if they are known.

Things to consider when making a Will is who to appoint as an executor. This person would administer the assets of the estate in accordance with the Will. If you have children under the age of 18, consideration must also be given regarding of the appropriate person to appoint as guardian.

As distinct from a will, a Power of Attorney appoints someone to act on your behalf whilst you are living. If you are travelling overseas or wish to appoint an Attorney for any other reason, we can discuss the appropriate type of Power of Attorney whether it be General, Financial or Medical.


It is necessary to apply for a grant of Probate to the Supreme Court for estates over $15,000. Once probate is granted, the will is proven or validated and the executor is authorised to call up and deal with the assets of the estate. In practical terms the executor can sell or transfer the deceased’s real estate, deal with shares, operate banks accounts and the like. We can assist executors perform their obligations, including the conversion and distribution of the estate and obtaining probate.

Loan & Mortgage Contracts

RDF Lawyers have considerable experience in reviewing these documents which are often complicated and often involve trusts, companies and guarantees. We will explain these matters in plain English so that your rights and obligations are clear. We also provide solicitor certificates which are often a requirement of the lender before the loan will be advanced.

Debt Recovery and Civil Litigation

We know from experience that civil litigation can be a time consuming and expensive event. We are able to advise you of the appropriate course of action, the possible outcomes, the likely cost of litigation and the best means of enforcement of a court order.

Purchase and Sale of Business / Leases

A Contract for the sale of a business comprises a “section 52 statement” which discloses the financial position of the business, a lease, disclosure statement on the lease and various disclosures which discloses amongst other things, the zoning restrictions, licences and permits required. The section 52 statement must be prepared by an accountant.

Whether you are purchasing or selling a business, we are able to advise you in this complicated area. If you are selling, we will prepare contract of sale and represent you throughout the matter to settlement. If you are considering purchasing, we will review the contract of sale, advise and assist you throughout the process in these matters which require your careful consideration.