Conveyancing means the legal process by which a property is transferred from one owner to another.  When it comes to property conveyancing you would be best advised to use a professional unless you have a background in this area as there are certain risks associated with doing it yourself.

Essentially you have 3 main options when it comes to conveyancing for your property: –

  1. Use a licensed conveyancer
  2. Do it yourself
  3. Use a solicitor

You can buy DIY kits to do your own conveyancing but do be aware that Property Laws do change frequently so even if you’ve done your own conveyancing in the past, you may come across problems that are not easily resolved.  Conveyancing is also a time consuming exercise. By engaging a solicitor to perform your conveyancing, you not only gain the benefit of the solicitor’s expertise, but you have protection if things go wrong.

So if you don’t wish to do things yourself you should use a professional.

Why use a solicitor?

  1. Legal training and knowledge – Apart from obtaining a Laws degree, solicitors are required to undergo compulsory, ongoing training each year.
  2. Insurance – All solicitors must obtain professional indemnity insurance to continue practicing.
  3. Solicitors are accountable – You may make a complaint to the Legal Services Ombudsman who has wide ranging powers.
  4. Legal Experience – A trained and experienced solicitor is often best equipped to detect and analyse legal problems and find solutions.

So what will you need to ask of your conveyancing professional?

  1. Cost – sounds obvious but you need to know in advance whether it’s a fixed price, if there are extra charges if complications arise and how charges will be itemised if it’s not a fixed price.
  2. How will you be selling your property?  Will you have a private sale or auction?  Does your professional offer the services you require?  Do you want someone to bid on your behalf?
  3. Who actually looks after you?  The solicitor or a clerk?  Will they know exactly what they’re doing?
  4. Do you feel comfortable with them?

At RDF Lawyers Rex Franich is a qualified solicitor who has been conveyancing for years. All matters will receive Rex’s personal attention and a fixed quote will be given for conveyancing services from the outset.

Get in touch with Rex for a free initial consultation and see if he meets with your requirements.  You can contact Rex by phone on (03) 9596 0627 or mobile 0425 206 207.